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l-sinter company relying on the advantage of production, study and research cooperation

and  development, long-term commitment to advanced powder metallurgy products development.


Company Profile

Company Profile

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Jiangsu I-sinter electronic technology co.,LTD. is located in Qiliang Road, danyang economic development zone, covers an area of 100000 square meters, and building area of 60000 square meters. At present, the company has 500 production staffs, 2 Dr., 3 masters , 3 graduate students and more than 50 undergraduate and senior technical management staffs, and equipped with multiple foreign advanced metal injection molding (MIM) production lines, has very professional mold designing team and advanced mold factory. At the same time, the company also cooperate with many universities. We founded graduate workstation with Jiangsu University, and was awarded the "Jiangsu Enterprise graduate workstation" by Jiangsu Education Department, and also has "Provincial High-tech Enterprise", "Excellent technological enterpris" and other qualifications.
l-sinter company relying on the advantage of production, study and research cooperation and development, long-term commitment to advanced powder metallurgy products development, production, and has accumulated rich experience, advanced production technology,especially has a unique experience for profiled and high-performance products production. Company has the independent development, design,production of powder metallurgy products, mold design, production, product, forming. coining, surface treatment, and assembly production capacity, has a pertect production and testing equipment, production capacity of 30 tons/month.
l-sinter is a sustained development and growth of enterprises, we all statts actively engaged in the pursuit of excllence, technical innovation, with advanced production technology and rich management experience and hard work, to ensure customer stistaction and stive to exceed customer's expectations.
Corporate Vision
Constantly listen to and meet user needs, guide and exceed user needs, win user respect; enhance corporate status and brand image, enable employees to have a high sense of corporate honor and pride, win employee respect; promote healthy development of manufacturing, and cooperation Partners grow together and win industry respect; focus on corporate responsibility, care for society, give back to society, and win social respect.
Our Mission
Increase production efficiency through one molding and eliminate complicated processing procedures. Provide high-quality, low-cost complex component solutions to create a win-win platform.
Business Philosophy
Everything is based on user value,
Focus on customers, our success depends on the success of our customers.
Corporate Values
Values: integrity, progress, cooperation, innovation
Continuous improvement: Always maintain a development, modesty, and innovative mindset, I believe there must be better solutions and willing to find.

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